dla quadowiczˇw
Guided quad bike trip Podhale

Offer guidance on the routes of Podhale and the Tatra for holders of their quads. We will take you to the attractive field trip at best in Poland, we will go along the Polish - Slovak border, the rocky Podhale toward Gorce. We invite groups of friends, friends of mega 4x4 off road quads. Take those with whom on a daily ride on quad bikes and come to us - mega tour, fun and unique atmosphere guaranteed. This route will mountainous areas, and the degree of difficulty matched to the expectations of the participants - will be recreational and extremely tight. The event was led by our instructor, an experienced guide to local routes.

The weekend events:
1 day:
- Arrival of the Podhale
- 8 hours at the following routes Podhale
- The route is planned meal (dinner and a warm fireplace in the inn)

Day 2
- Breakfast
- A trip for 8 hours for the entire Podhale along the Polish border in the direction of the Slovak Gorce
- The route is planned meal (dinner and a warm fireplace in the inn)

Day 3
- Breakfast
- Departure from Zakopane

The cost of weekend events:
- 200,00 PLN - one hour

Price includes: lead the expedition with a guide, two steps after 8 hours. Price does not include: accommodation and food, everyone eats what he likes and what he wants quads fuel, insurance, equipment.
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